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  • Five Indispensable MySQL Tools "Thanks to a number of well-designed tools, MySQL simply is a very easy database to "talk to," a convenience which is particularly important because developers often are tasked not only with constructing very complex schemas and queries, but also with monitoring overall server health and performance."


  • Ok, Be Afraid if Someone's Got a Voltmeter Hooked to Your CPU
    Bradley M. Kuhn: "Boy, do I hate it when a FLOSS project is given a hard time unfairly. I was this morning greeted with news from many places that OpenSSL, one of the most common FLOSS software libraries used for cryptography, was somehow severely vulnerable."


  • Swiftfox: a fast Firefox alternative for Linux users only
    The Linux Critic: "Well, today, I’m here to report that this situation might well have changed, due to something called Swiftfox."


  • Nagios: Central Monitoring
    Begin Linux: "This is part two of a three part series on distributed monitoring. You can use passive service and host checks to allow non-central Nagios servers to collect data from a network of machines and then transfer that information to a central Nagios server."


  • Setting up MySQL Cluster 7.0 in Linux
    Linux Admin Zone: "You might know that beginning with MySQL 5.1.24, support for the NDBCLUSTER storage engine was removed from the standard MySQL server binaries built by MySQL. Therefore, here I’m using MySQL Cluster edition instead of MySQL Community edition."


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