Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How to make your Ubuntu Dekstop looks great with Compiz and Cairo Dock

This is a tutorial how to make your Ubuntu Desktop looks great like the picture above. I am new in Ubuntu, but I've been using this since Ubuntu Hardy. So, here we go.

First you need to download Compiz to your Ubuntu Desktop. Compiz is an extension for Gnome. You can do many tricks to your dekstop with Compiz. Many features are included in Compiz fusion such as three dimensional cube or cylindrical, fire effect, water effect, and etc.

Now for the installation. Go to Synaptic Packet Manager and search for Compiz packet.
  • System >> Administration >> Synaptic Packet Manager
  • Write in search box for : compizconfig-settings-manager
  • Check the install box and clik apply
Go to System >> Preferences, you will see new menu there "Advanced Desktop Effect Settings". Open it and do your Compiz config as you wish.
When you done with your config, try to switch between dekstop, minimize, open new window, and etc. You'll see the difference :D

Now let's move on to Cairo Dock. What is Cairo Dock exactly ?
Cairo Dock is a system dock similar like the one you often see in Mac OS X.

Now for the installation:
  • Go to Cairo Dock page and download two DEB packages. They are cairo-dock and cairo-dock-plug-ins. Look for the latest version each of them
  • One you've finished downloading both of them, double click the DEB packages to install
Cairo Dock should be installed right now, so go to Application >> System Tools >> Cairo-Dock. When you run it for the first time, there should be a Manage Theme Dialog Box appear. Select any theme you like and clik OK. You'll see dock in your desktop now. If you want to configure your dock, just simply right click on it.
Now, configure your Ubuntu Desktop and be creative. Enjoy !