Sunday, March 7, 2010

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  • Ubuntu UK Podcast: Their Purple Moment
    Ubuntu UK Podcast: "We interview the awesome Stuart Langridge and discuss the Ubuntu One Music Store, beta testing, record tokens, Rhythmbox, MP3s, Britney Spears, file syncing, customer service, getting music into the store and Severed Fifth, Frequently Asked Questions, vinyl, reaching ‘real’ people and Shot of Jaq."


  • Network Based Ubuntu Installations
    Packt: "This article by Christer Edwards, outlines how to install Ubuntu using the network installer. This utility allows you to install directly over the network, instead of using a CD or DVD image. It does require a small CD boot image, but beyond that it is entirely network dependent."


  • The OSI Categorically Rejects IIPA's special pleadings against Open Source
    Michael Tiemann's blog: "And yet according to a 2003 UNCTAD report, "there has been no Moore's Law for software," and indeed it is because of software that computer systems have become more expensive, more complex, and less reliable."


  • Of Android and the Fear of Fragmentation
    The H Open: "Glyn Moody takes a look at the state of Android, at the worries that the platform is fragmenting and why it isn't a bad thing."


  • Taking Linux into the Wild Woods
    Raiden's Realm: "One of the things that's been wandering around my mind lately (one of thousands) is the thought of the wild woods. In other words, places in the world that are away from civilization, away from the normal creature comforts of daily life, such as areas in Northern Canada, Alaska, Siberia, sections of Africa, and others like that."


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