Saturday, August 14, 2010

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  • Linux KVM Eyes 'World Domination'
    Datamation: "Kernel-based Virtual Machine, or KVM, is a growing Linux technology for virtualization. Speaking at LinuxCon this week, Red Hat Senior Engineer Chris Wright noted that the open source project is on track to meet some very lofty goals."


  • It's Friday, I'm in love
    Larry the Free Software Guy: "Ah, love! The Cure's song that carries today's blog title bounces gently off the walls of the office while I think about the things I love about GNU/Linux (or Linux, if you're so inclined)."


  • Add a Word Count Feature to Tomboy
    Linux Pro Magazine: "If you use Tomboy as a drafting tool, a word count can come in handy in many situations. While Tomboy doesn't offer this functionality out of the box, you can easily add it using the Tomboy-Wordcount add-in."


  • The New Ubuntu 10.10 Installer Is Live
    Softpedia: "Today we had the pleasure of playing a little with the new Ubuntu installer, present in the latest daily build of the upcoming Maverick Meerkat (Ubuntu 10.10) operating system, due for release in October 10th, 2010."


  • Tech Comics: "Bought by Online Gamer"
    Tech Comics: "If your company is acquired by an online gaming company, you may be paid in unconventional terms."


  • Oracle vs. Google over Java in Android is only the start.
    Computerworld: "I don't think Oracle suing Google over the use of Java in Android has much to do with Android at all. I think it has everything to do with Oracle monetizing Java anyway it can. That spells big trouble for any company or developer who uses Java..."


  • Linux Security, Then and Now
    eSecurityPlanet: "Linux is inherently not a secure operating system. The reason it's not secure is because Linux was based on the architectural design of UNIX, and the creators of UNIX didn't care about security � it was 1969 after all."

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