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  • EXT3, EXT4, Btrfs Ubuntu Netbook Benchmarks
    Phoronix: "Last month we published benchmarks of EXT4 comparing this file-system's performance when it was first marked stable in the mainline kernel and then where it is at now in the Linux kernel while testing every major release in between."


  • Please say Fedora
    Richard A. Johnson: "I connected directly to the DSL modem, no router, firewall, anything in between me and the Internet. The problem still existed. At that time I determined it was AT&T's fault so we called them up. Initially the phone call was a nightmare."


  • Microsoft Office document corruption: Testing the OOXML claims
    Rob Weir: An Antic Disposition: "In this post I take a look at Microsoft's claims for robust data recovery with their Office Open XML (OOXML) file format. I show the results of an experiment, where I introduce random errors into documents and observe whether word processors can recover from these errors."


  • Linux is now Oracle's low-end offering
    Search Enterprise Linux: "Oracle Corp. has rekindled its Solaris love. Sun's Solaris operating system will underlie new high-end data center appliances running the Oracle software stack. And Oracle EnterpriseLinux now becomes the preferred OS for lower-end commodity hardware."


  • Linux laptop takes the strain for technophobes
    ZDNet UK: "A Newcastle-based company has launched a Linux-based laptop and support package designed to encourage technophobes online."

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