Monday, January 3, 2011

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  • The H Year: 2010's Wins, Fails and Mehs
    The H Open: "Meh � Oracle took over Sun � With the completion of Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems, a new regime of Oracle's "special" brand of communications took over from Sun's bloggy, chatty style. The Oracle brand of communications mostly involves Oracle not saying anything or so little that the community is left to fill in the blanks."


  • The Interesting Tale Of AMD's FirePro Drivers
    Phoronix: "Earlier this week we published our annual look at AMD's Catalyst driver releases from the past year. Not only did the Catalyst Linux driver this year picked up a couple new features, its driver performance had improved slightly over the past twelve months."


  • 2010 Trend Watch Update: Global Internet Censorship "At the beginning of this year EFF identified a dozen important trends in law, technology and business that we thought would play a significant role in shaping digital rights in 2010, with a promise to revisit our predictions at the end of the year."


  • Multi Boot Linux From USB
    PCPlus: "But running a single, monogamous distribution can be a little limiting, and there's only one reason why you can't squeeze a few more alongside on any decent-sized USB stick: it used to be quite a difficult process."


  • A Reality Check on Righteous Privacy Indignation
    LinuxInsider: "According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, some of my iPhone apps are spying on me. They apparently know when I use them, my location, my age and my gender. Then they send it all to marketing companies."


  • Parted Magic 5.8 Comes with Linux Kernel
    Softpedia: "Parted Magic 5.8 is out and comes with a bunch of updates and some new packages. The latest version is mostly a bug-fixing release and doesn't really add any new features."


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