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  • Google dings carriers, phone makers over Android lockdowns
    LinuxDevices: " A Google Android engineer publicly defended the relative ease with which Android phones can be rooted, arguing that the loopholes used by modders do not reflect flawed Android security defenses."


  • 20 Popular Command-Line Tips for Linux
    Tuxarena: "Taking a screenshot in command-line is very easy using the import tool, which is included in the ImageMagick suite. To take a screenshot of a single window use:"


  • Linux Out, FreeBSD In
    I Am, Therefore I Think: "Don't let the title scare you. This is only on my main file server, which holds both shared material (source tarballs and update packages) and 116G of movie files. It has recently begun to mis-behave under Linux."


  • Review: Slackware 13.1
    Das U-blog: "I never envisioned myself trying out any of the more advanced distributions like Slackware, Arch, or Gentoo, but having tried derivatives like GNU/Linux Utopia, Chakra, and Sabayon, I think I'm ready to try Slackware and Arch"


  • Testing Tools and Techniques in Python
    Packt: "This article by Daniel Arbuckle, author of Python Testing, introduces code coverage and continuous integration, and teaches how to tie automated testing into version control systems."


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